科技独行侠 放下3D枪拾起比特币

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本文摘要:Cody Wilson rattled lawmakers and law-enforcement agencies with a plastic gun created from a 3-D printer, home computer and blueprints he posted online for anyone to download.科迪威尔森(Cody Wilson)曾利用3D打印机和家用电脑制作出有一款塑料枪,并将枪支的设计图放在网上可供他人随便iTune


Cody Wilson rattled lawmakers and law-enforcement agencies with a plastic gun created from a 3-D printer, home computer and blueprints he posted online for anyone to download.科迪威尔森(Cody Wilson)曾利用3D打印机和家用电脑制作出有一款塑料枪,并将枪支的设计图放在网上可供他人随便iTunes。这在议员和执法人员机构中间引发了轩然大波。

Now, the 25-year-old law-school dropout is about to launch software aimed at covering the tracks of financial transactions made with bitcoin, the virtual currency that has exploded in popularity among spenders and speculators -- and raised concerns among regulators that it might be used for illegal activity.现在,这名25岁的法律系辍学生又想研发一种软件,用作掩饰用比特币所展开金融交易的踪迹。这种虚拟世界货币的人气一路上涨,更加受到挥霍无度狂、投机人士的欢迎,也引起监管机构忧虑其有可能被用作违法活动。We need an anonymous cash online, says Mr. Wilson, who oversees from his apartment near the University of Texas at Austin about a dozen self-described antiestablishment techies working on the software, called Dark Wallet. Some of them are paid in bitcoin.这款软件取名为“暗黑钱包”(Dark Wallet)。

威尔森的住所坐落于奥斯汀得克萨斯大学(University of Texas)附近,他在这里远距离管理着十多个于是以研发这款软件、自称为“非主流”的科技谜。其中一些人的工资就是用比特币缴纳的。威尔森说道,我们必须电子邮件的在线现金交易。Its not that I want you to buy drugs, he says. Its just that I think you should have the freedom to do it.他说道,我不是想要让你卖毒品,只是实在你有这样做到的权利。

Mr. Wilson is one of the most prominent examples in a band of hackers, programmers and agitators trying to deploy technology in ways that disrupt what they see as limits on personal freedom. Even though they often live, work or mingle in Silicon Valley, they claim its rise has created too much technology that benefits corporate America or helps government snoop.目前有一大批黑客、程序员以及煽动者企图利用科技来超越他们眼中束缚了个人权利的壁垒。威尔森就是其中的佼佼者。

虽然这些人大多在硅谷(Silicon Valley)生活、工作或者混迹在那里,但在他们显然,硅谷的兴起建构了过于多科技,不仅令其美国公司获益,也对政府窥视个人隐私起着了推波助澜的起到。In the 1980s, such techies were known as cypherpunks and were obsessed with using complex encryption to keep communications secret. The modern version often focuses on mainstream products, such as Web browsers, open-source software and iPhones, with the aim of having world-wide impact.上世纪80年代,这类科技谜被称作“密码朋克”(cypherpunk),着迷于用于简单的加密术来给通信保密。而如今的新生代科技爱好者经常射击主流产品(例如网页浏览器、开放式源代码软件、iPhone等等),目的是产生全球性的影响。Mr. Wilson, who graduated from the University of Central Arkansas in 2010 and then started law school here, shuns political labels. His bedroom features a Texas flag that says Come and take it, a bookshelf with copies of the Federalist Papers and Austrian-born economist Friedrich von Hayeks libertarian treatise Road to Serfdom, and several bullets.威尔森2010年毕业于中阿肯色大学(University of Central Arkansas),然后到得克萨斯大学努力学习了法律。

他总是防止给自己张贴上政治标签。他的卧室里摆放着一面得克萨斯州的孤星州旗,上面写出着“Come and take it”(来啊,把它偷走吧),还有一个书架,上面摆放着《联邦党人文集》(Federalist Papers)、奥地利经济学家哈耶克(Friedrich von Hayek)的自由主义名作《通向奴役之路》(Road to Serfdom)等几本书和数枚子弹。While bitcoin critics claim the currency is vulnerable to misuse because people can make transactions without their real names or addresses, Mr. Wilson and other bitcoin purists says it isnt secret enough.比特币的抨击人士认为,鉴于人们在展开交易时不用用于现实姓名或住址,比特币不易被误解。

然而,威尔森和其他比特币疯狂分子答道,这种虚拟世界货币的保密性还过于强劲。To prevent fraud, all transactions made with each jumble of computer code tied to bitcoin are automatically posted in a ledger called the block chain. That means it is possible for authorities to track a persons transactions if they can determine the users bitcoin address.为了避免欺诈,一切用比特币涉及计算机密码展开的交易都会被自动发布在一个取名为“block chain”的总账里面。这就意味著,如果需要确认使用者的比特币地址,那么当局也许可以跟踪某个使用者的交易情况。

Dark Wallet is a no-frills, low-budget push led by Mr. Wilson to make bitcoin the electronic-commerce equivalent of a Swiss bank account. Attached to a browser such as Google Inc.s Chrome, Dark Wallet will try to scramble the strings of numbers and letters that form bitcoins. The scrambling will occur as bitcoins are spent, making it harder to detect who is buying what.“暗黑钱包”是威尔森领导推展的一个没噱头、低成本的项目,目的在于将比特币打导致类似于瑞士银行账户的电子商务版本。与谷歌(Google Inc.)的Chrome等浏览器相连后,“暗黑钱包”将把构成比特币的数字和字母串被打乱。这样的过程再次发生在用户用比特币展开缴纳时,外界就更为无法辨识谁在出售什么东西。

Dark Wallet is set for release in early 2014. It will be free, though the developers are accepting donations.“暗黑钱包”计划于2014年年初公布。“暗黑钱包”的用于是免费的,但开发者拒绝接受捐献。

Supporters concede it is likely impossible to make bitcoin transactions absolutely untraceable. Still, if Dark Wallet delivers as hoped and catches on with the virtual currencys users, law-enforcement officials will have more trouble tracking the flow of online commerce, some people close to U.S. officials say.“暗黑钱包”的支持者否认,要想要构建比特币交易几乎无迹可寻或许是不有可能的。然而一些相似美国执法人员部门官员的人士称之为,如果该项目如期发售,并且需要取得比特币用户注目的话,那么执法人员部门官员在监督电子商务活动时将不会遇上更加多艰难。Stephen Hudak, spokesman for the U.S. governments Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, declined to discuss Dark Wallet, but says: Wed be concerned about anything that would increase the threat level of money laundering. Officials also have said they see benefits from digital forms of money.美国政府辖下金融犯罪执法人员网络(Financial Crimes Enforcement Network)的发言人霍达克(Stephen Hudak)拒绝接受辩论与“暗黑钱包”有关的问题,但他称之为,如果洗黑钱活动带给的威胁减小,我们大自然不会为此深感忧虑。

Jon Matonis, executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation, a nonprofit group that serves as unofficial curator of the online currency, released on the Internet in 2009, says the Dark Wallet project is consistent with his efforts to promote and develop the digital cash as a private, government-free currency.比特币基金会(Bitcoin Foundation)继续执行董事马佟尼斯(Jon Matonis)回应,“暗黑钱包”项目的发售和他本人为推展和研发电子现金(一种私人、无政府货币)所做到的希望是完全一致的。该基金会是一个非营利性团体,是比特币的非官方代言机构。But some of Dark Wallets image and marketing are hard to stomach, he says. The average person . . . will think its this criminal thing for buying drugs.不过马佟尼斯称之为,“暗黑钱包”的一些形象和营销手法令人们无法拒绝接受,普通人不会指出这是用来出售毒品的违法工具。


Mr. Wilson focused on Dark Wallet after his plastic-gun effort was blocked. In 2013, he posted instructions for how to make a gun called Liberator with 3-D printing. Three-dimensional printers use plastic materials to make objects as simple as a figurine or coffee cup.威尔森在塑料手枪推展项目遇阻后开始注目“暗黑钱包”。他在2013年公布了关于如何通过3D打印机技术制作取名为“解放者”(Liberator)手枪的解释。Federal officials warned that new plastic guns could fool metal detectors and compromise security. The State Department ordered him to remove his blueprints, citing arms-export laws.联邦官员警告称之为,这种新的塑料手枪可以混合过金属探测器的检查,带给安全性威胁。美国国务院(State Department)拒绝威尔森移除涉及图纸,理由是他违背了武器出口法。

The edict came right after Mr. Wilson dropped out of law school to work on plastic guns full-time. He obeyed the order.上述事件再次发生在威尔森从法学院休学后旋即。他在休学后开始全职制作塑料手枪。威尔森后来遵从了国务院的拒绝。

Bitcoin captured Mr. Wilsons interest. PayPal founder Peter Thiel, a billionaire libertarian, invited Mr. Wilson to a private Wyoming retreat, where the two men discussed the future of bitcoin. Mr. Thiel sees promise in the young entrepreneur, a person close to the billionaire says.比特币引发了威尔森的兴趣。贝宝(PayPal)创始人、亿万富翁皮特泰尔(Peter Thiel)曾邀威尔森前往坐落于怀俄明州的一处私人寓所,两人就比特币的未来展开了探究。一位相似泰尔的人士称之为,泰尔看上了威尔森所具备的潜质。

An online fundraising effort for Dark Wallet has attracted about $100,000. All told, Mr. Wilson says he has raised nearly $250,000, most of it in bitcoin.“暗黑钱包”的网上捐献活动早已取得了约10万美元的捐助。威尔森称之为,他早已筹到了近25万美元,其中多数是比特币。Dark Wallet captures everything we want to do, he says. My particular brand of activism is crisis-forcing.威尔森回应,“暗黑钱包”涵括了我们想做到的一切。



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