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本文摘要:Some 200 scientists and other staffs gathered in Fermi Lab at 2 Oclock in the morning, to watch the announcement from Geneva. 约200名科学家等工作人员早上 2 点钟挤满在费米实验室,观赏日内瓦的信息公布。


Some 200 scientists and other staffs gathered in Fermi Lab at 2 Oclock in the morning, to watch the announcement from Geneva. 约200名科学家等工作人员早上 2 点钟挤满在费米实验室,观赏日内瓦的信息公布。Many of them have strong connections to the CERN experiment, using the atom-smashing Large Hadron Collider or LHC to locate the Higgs Boson, including the head of the CMS Group, Patricia McBride: 其中许多人都与欧洲核子研究中心(CERN)试验具有密切的联系,该试验期望通过用于大型强子对撞机将原子消灭,从而寻找希格斯粒子(也叫上帝粒子), CMS 小组的组组长Patricia Mcbride也到场。The techniques we, that are being used there were, were first tried out here. A lot of the people, did, did their training here in Fermi Lab. CERN的实验用于的技术,最初就是在我们这里试用, CERN的许多人都在费米实验室拒绝接受了培训。

Scientists have spent hundreds of millions of dollars creating technologically advanced devices that can smash atoms together, and tens of thousands of hours of manpower pouring over the resulting data. 科学家花费数亿美元来建构技术先进设备的设备,这些设备能将许多原子在一起消灭,另外,科学家们还花费了上万小时的人工对涉及的实验数据展开处置。But they now believe they have found what looks like the sub-atomic particle known as the Higgs Boson. 但是他们指出早已找到了一种新的亚原子粒子,该粒子与被称作上帝粒子的希格斯粒子十分相似。Its one of our key missing links to our understanding of really how the universe is created. 如果想解读宇宙是如何确实被创立的,那么希格斯粒子是最关键环节之一。

Fermi Lab staff scientist Robert Roser says the Higgs Boson is a particle that attracts other particles and explains how matter has mass. This gives clues to how planets and ultimately life is formed. 费米实验室的科研人员Robert Roser说道,希格斯粒子能更有其他粒子,它说明了物质如何具备质量。这就给了我们星球以及最后生命是如何构成获取了线索。But he points out his colleagues at CERN were careful to say they found a Higgs like object, but not the Higgs Boson itself. 但他也认为,CERN 的同事们在公布信息时很小心,没说道找到了希格斯粒子,而是说道找到了类似于希格斯粒子的物体。

Its a subtle difference. So what they will do over the course of the next many years is to start to investigate all of its properties to see if it acts, if it smells, tastes and behaves the way they expect it to. 这里有点错综复杂,在接下来的许多年里,他们即将做到的就是对这个新发现展开全面研究,看它是如何运动,闻起来味道如何,享用一起味道如何,以及展现出怎么样,想到它的这些特征否如科学家预计的那样。Fermi Lab was home to the LHCs predecessor, the Tevatron Accelerator which went off line late last year. 费米实验室是大型强子对撞机前辈Tevatron加速器的家,Tevatron加速器在去年底暂停了工作。Roser says the final data produced by the Tevatron is consistent with CERNs findings. He says it all leads up to dramatic change for scientists: Roser说道,Tevatron得出结论的数据与CERN的找到是完全一致的,他说道这不会给科学家们带给极大的变化: The finding of this will change the way scientists view the world immediately and will change the way I go to work tomorrow. In terms of how it affects the general public, not so much. 这个找到将立刻转变科学家们检视这个世界的方式,转变我明天的工作方式。

但是关于对普通大众并没多少影响。While its not clear yet where the finding will ultimately lead, McBride and Roser say the technology developed to find the Higgs Boson has already produced tangible results, such as the cloud-based digital storage now used by mobile phones and computers. 虽然现在还不很确切这个新发现将最后给我们带给什么,但McBride和Roser说道,用作找到希格斯粒子的技术早已产生了许多看见的成果,比如基于云计算的数字储存方法现在于是以被手机和计算机用于。But Roser adds the real benefits are yet to come. 但是Roser说道,新发现的确实益处现在还不告诉: So its not fairly necessary to ask me today what the practice benefit of the Higgs Boson is. I think we will know in the course of time what it is. But you know, thats said mankind has always asked the question why and we are one step closer to understanding that. 因此,今天回答我希格斯粒子的找到给我们带给的实际的益处是什么,我还无法问。我指出以后才能渐渐告诉,但是要告诉,有个谚语说道,只要我人类回答过为什么,那么我们就距离理解这个问题附近了一步。

The next step, says Roser, is confirming without a scientific doubt that what they now believe is the Higgs Boson, actually is. Roser说道,科学家们的下一步是要没什么猜测地证实现在指出是希格斯粒子的东西实质上是什么。



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