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本文摘要:Hernando de Soto, the Peruvian economist whose work centred on the informal economy and property rights, has much to contribute to the dialogue raging in the so-called developed world about privacy and data.在所谓的繁盛世界,一场关于隐私和数据的对话于是以如火如荼地进行。


Hernando de Soto, the Peruvian economist whose work centred on the informal economy and property rights, has much to contribute to the dialogue raging in the so-called developed world about privacy and data.在所谓的繁盛世界,一场关于隐私和数据的对话于是以如火如荼地进行。主要研究非正式经济和财产权的秘鲁经济学家埃尔南多德索托(Hernando de Soto),可为这场对话贡献不少真知灼见。Mr de Soto showed how enabling individuals to own property legally would drive economic prosperity. Many credit him with the surge of wealth creation happening in some parts of Latin America.德索托阐述了,为何让个人享有合法财产权需要推展经济繁荣。

许多人指出,拉丁美洲一些地方财富建构大大减缓就要得益于他。Meanwhile, US technology platform companies and the European Union are engaged in an arms race around privacy. The issue is not whether my data are private. We lost that battle a long time ago. As Scott McNealy, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems said: “You have zero privacy...get over it.” The issue is over who owns my data and to whom the value accrues.与此同时,美国科技平台企业和欧盟(EU)于是以环绕隐私较量。问题不在于我的数据否隐私。

这场战斗我们早就打输。如太阳计算机系统公司(Sun Microsystems)牵头创始人斯科特 麦克尼利(Scott McNealy)所说:“你没丝毫隐私……别纠葛这个了。”问题在于谁享有我的数据、这些数据的价值又归属于谁。Google’s use of my data drives their business model and their multibillion-dollar market capitalisation. We get no economic benefit for that beyond free search and online stalking. My bank account does not benefit from its success.谷歌(Google)用于了我的数据,这推展其创建了商业模式,构建了巨额市值。

除免费搜寻和在线跟踪之外,我们不借此取得任何经济利益。谷歌的顺利会让我的银行账户余额减少一分钱。I long thought an entrepreneur would develop a business model to incentivise individuals for the use of their consumer data. I found one such entrepreneur,John Paleomylites, who was running BeatThatQuote, a UK price comparison site that my firm Ariadne Capital advised.我早就设想过会有一位企业家,研发一种商业模式,鼓舞个人容许别人用于自己的消费者数据。我曾找到过这样一位企业家,约翰帕莱奥米利提斯(John Paleomylites),他曾管理过一家英国比价网站BeatThatQuote,我的公司Ariadne Capital曾为这家网站获取过咨询。

BeatThatQuote was providing cash back deals and discounts. Despite having less than 500,000 of earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation, it was sold to Google in 2011 for 37.7m, having articulated its strategic value (or threat) to its acquirer. Who says Goliath does not get scared?当时,BeatThatQuote获取返利和优惠。尽管这家网站的息税保险费和摊销前利润(EBITDA)还将近50万英镑,但在2011年,谷歌以3770万英镑的价格并购了它,因为它明明白白地展出了自己对谷歌的战略价值(或者说威胁)。谁说道巨人歌利亚(Goliath)会惧怕?The battle is no longer about incentivisation. If we believe that my data — whether related to my finances, telecoms, health, transportation or property — are my data, than their use surely must accrue value to me.这场战斗已仍然牵涉到激励机制。

如果我们坚信,我的数据——无论是关于我的财务、电信记录、身体健康情况、交通记录还是持有人房产情况的数据——是归属于我的,那么用于这些数据当然必需让我受益。Re-enter Mr de Soto. He changed the world for Peruvian farmers by establishing property rights for them. What if data were established as legal assets for everyone?再行返回德索托。通过奠定秘鲁农场主的财产权,他转变了这些人的命运(见上图)。

如果数据被证实为每个人的合法财产,那不会怎样?Those of us who have had property rights have the ability to build other assets on top of our property assets. If you are still securing your basic needs at the bottom of thepyramid described by the American psychologist Abraham Maslow — a model that features an individual’s survival at the bottom and their self-actualisation at the apex of the pyramid — then you advance more slowly and with less certainty, if at all.我们中早已享有财产权的人,需要在我们的财产基础之上创立其他资产。美国心理学家亚伯拉罕马斯洛(Abraham Maslow)明确提出了市场需求层次理论,该理论指出人的市场需求呈圆形金字塔形状,正处于金字塔最底层的是存活市场需求,金字塔顶端是自我实现市场需求。如果你仍在希望符合正处于市场需求层次底层的基本市场需求,那么你的变革速度不会更快、并面对更大不确定性,甚至根本无法变革。So if data are the new universal assets, instead of arguing about privacy, should we just argue about money?因此,假如数据是为人们广泛拥有的新资产,那么我们否应当仅有争辩钱的问题,而别再行相争隐私不隐私?If the starting point is “they are my data”, then there should be a corresponding accrual for their use in the financial accounts for any business whose model uses them. Data, and the cost of purchasing them, would become a “cost of sale” in transactions.如果以“那是我的数据”为前提,那么任何企业,只要它们的商业模式中用这些数据,那么就应当为用于这些数据向我们缴纳适当的费用。

数据,以及出售数据的成本,将沦为一项“销售成本”。If a large bank or telecoms group opened up its customer data to start-ups for applications using that data and then sold those applications on, a percentage of the revenue would have to accrue to those customers, or be netted against any other monies they paid in. The value of what is owed to any one individual would be 1/N where N is the size of the customer base used.如果一家大型银行或电信公司向一些初创企业研发的应用于对外开放自己的用户数据,可供这些应用于用于,并销售这些应用于,那么就必需将所获得收益的一部分转交那些用户,或者从用户交纳的费用中扣减这部分金额。应付给每个用户个人的费用将为总收入的1/N,N为用户总数。


At each point in history where power has shifted towards the individual from a hierarchy, power is forcefully taken. There is a net social gain for the common man and woman if their data are valued. Prosperity will rip across society if we set up the right data architecture for business.回顾历史,每次权力从特权集团移往到个人手中时,权力都被牢牢地逃跑了。对普通民众来说,如果彰显他们的数据以价值,不会为社会带给净收益。如果我们创建适合的数据商用结构,财富将很快席卷社会各个阶层。

The non-technology traditional business — whether retailer, bank, transportation company — has an ace to play. By engaging with entrepreneurs and embracing consumer data as a legal asset of the individual, the incumbents in all traditional industries could deliver singularly spectacular growth.无论是零售商、银行还是交通公司,各种非科技传统企业都有了一张可打的王牌。通过与初创企业合作,反对让消费者数据沦为个人的法定财产,所有传统行业的现有企业都能构建非凡的快速增长。

This is a system-level challenge. A start-up is at best today a car — a revenue-generating algorithm — in need of a highway. What big companies have is distribution, audience and reach. They can be a very smart highway.这是一种系统级挑战。如今一家享有能建构收益的算法的初创企业最少算数一辆汽车,它们必须公路。大型企业有的是分销体系、听众和影响力。

后者有可能沦为十分智能的公路。The judo move would be for large, traditional enterprises to recognise consumer data rights and proactively value them in their business models.关键的一步将是,大型传统企业否认消费者的数据权,主动在自己的商业模式中彰显这种权利价值。One can never win by playing by the rules of someone else’s game: you must change the rules of the game. Every successful entrepreneur knows this. It is time for the judo move.按照别人的游戏规则来玩游戏,你总有一天不有可能输掉:你必需转变游戏规则。




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